You hear the claim that we “use” science everyday.  This website explores how to make that claim believable by examining science in the built environments in which we live, work, and spend leisure time.  This site is for students taking science in school, teachers who work with those students or anyone who is curious about how science is “used” in everyday life.

As you work your way through the elements of this site you will watch video of a wide range of construction professionals discuss concepts of heat transfer (a part of thermodynamics), electricity, and mechanics of materials (e.g. tension, compression, bending, torque, and shear).

You will also see examples of these ideas being taught in classrooms from middle school through community college.  In addition, there are classroom and home activities, selected websites to visit, and problems to think about.

We hope this site helps foster discussion about how students in school and people in general learn to talk about science as it applies to everyday living.

Before exploring the site, please watch this introductory video about The SELS Project: