Why do we need to know this?

Everyday life experiences generally do not involve thinking about what is on the other side of a wall outlet.  You expect to be able to plug an electrical device in and off you go.  It may only be during a power outage that we thinking about electrical service to a home or business or school and how it gets there.  A power outage raises short-term interest in where the failure occurred and why.  The actual “usefulness” of knowledge about power generation is somewhat limited by the general reliability of the US power supply that does not involve the average person thinking about back up generators.

There are ideas in science that have some general usefulness related to power generation and one’s everyday life.  For example, getting power to your house requires something called “grounding” the power.  Knowledge of this concept can actually be life saving.  Related to the concept of grounding are the concepts of resistance, voltage, current, energy, and power.  Exploring these ideas as they relate to your everyday, built environment forms the content of this website.