Usage and Safety

Find out how electricity is used safely in a visit to the New England National Electrical Contractor’s Association and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Joint Training Center with Ronnie Koning, Jr., a licensed electrician and president of State Electric Corporation.

image2Why do we need to know this?

To protect against electrical shock, electrical connections are contained inside metal boxes. The box is connected to ground—literally the earth. If the wires inside come loose or in some way become exposed and touch the box, the electricity will be sent to ground [and not through you!] and trip a circuit breaker. Therefore there are many things electrically connected in a home because they are all connected to the same place, ground.

What’s the big picture?

If you counted the number of uses for electricity in your home, including battery operated devices, you would get a very large number. Modern life depends on electricity and we pay for it in a variety of ways. Understanding the principles of electricity will help you be wiser about how you use electricity, which can save you money. Knowing how electricity works will also help you make electrical devices more dependable and work better. Knowledge about the principles of electricity will also help you protect you and your family and your home from harm.