Featured Resource: LEGO Engineering

February 4, 2013 in News, Resources by Chris Singer

LEGOengineering.com is the premier resource for educators using LEGO MINDSTORMS or ROBOLAB hardware and software in their classrooms to engage students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

What’s on the site:

Teaching Resources: A place for activities, curriculum, podcasts, and building and programming ideas.

  • Activities – This section has lesson plans. There is a key that shows which activities require what kind of materials, software and even if they’ve been classroom tested. Example Activity: Amusement Park Ride.
  • Learning Sequences – Learning sequences are suggested sets of activities that can be used to get started on learning particular LEGO concepts or content. This is where I would suggest teachers start on the website.
  • Curriculum Modules – The curriculum modules are fully-developed, classroom-tested instructional sequences that address specific STEM concepts through LEGO engineering activities. Each module consists of a cohesive set of class sessions, with each session building upon previous learning. For each module, we provide you with lesson plans, teacher resource documents, student handouts, and assessment materials.  Although each module was created for a particular age group, you may find ways to adapt them for a different set of students.
  • Podcasts – There are 25 podcasts which are either tutorials or conference presentations.
  • Where to buy – This section has links for where to purchase hardware, software, books and other LEGO products.

Community:  The community section at LEGO Engineering allows users to check out LEGO lesson plans other teachers have shared as well as contribute their own lesson plans. Users can also share photos, submit problems, or provide tips.

Building and Programming: This section of the site is for users to find out how to get that last – or first – bit of code working, to find ideas on how to build all or part of a project, and to find resources that help you develop your own sense of how to build and program with LEGO robotics.

  • Library – The place to look for downloads of instructions, patches of code, programming references, teaching tools and more.
  • Building – Build using the NXT system, the RCX system, or just with LEGO bricks.
  • Programming – Program using LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Software or ROBOLAB. Find example code to get started.
  • Quick Start Guides – Access the quick guides to building and programming below.
  • Lab View for LEGO Mindstorms – This is a powerful new programming environment developed to work with the NXT system.
  • LEGO WeDo – The LEGO® Education WeDo™ kit is designed to inspire kids aged 7-11+ to learn more about science, engineering, math, social studies, and language by pursuing fun, engaging, hands-on activities. The unit stays connected to the computer, helping kids connect the virtual world of computer programming and the physical world around them. Icon-based programming software is used to help students learn how to write programs, download them, and see the results of their efforts quickly.