Featured resource: STEM in Sports

August 3, 2013 in News by Chris Singer


STEM in Sports is a new campaign from Time Warner Cable’s Connect A Million Minds project.

From the physics behind a perfect football spiral to the chemistry of a red hot race car, science, technology, engineering and math help power many of your favorite sports. STEM in Sports is a new campaign that inspires kids to learn about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through the sports they love.

Currently, there are three sports featured in this campaign.

  • Football, where the angle of a winning throw to the acceleration of a wide receiver, STEM principles are an important part to success in the game.
  • Golf, where using STEM principles in math, such as geometry to determine the angle of a swing, calculating birdies, pars and bogies, is critical to staying competitive in golf.
  • Racing, where STEM principles in physics such as downforce and drafting powers some of racing’s top maneuvers. See how STEM helps put the pedal to the medal.

STEM in Sports also uses original video from top athletes about the critical role science plays in their game, including:

In addition to these exclusive videos, parents and educators visiting STEM in Sports will find tips and games for integrating science learning into their kids’ favorite sports by downloading guides created by education experts.