New Activity: Skateboarding

January 21, 2013 in News by Chris Singer

skateboard_hd-wide 1Skateboard Activity

Category: Bending and Torsion

Construction Context: Bending forces a material into the shape of a curve or angle. Torsion is the act of twisting or being twisted. Bridges and support beams often experience the forces of bending, torsion or both.

Activity Description: Have one person who normally rides a skateboard execute a series of turns in front of a group of people. Observe how bending and torsion forces act on the trucks and wheels when a turn is executed. Now watch the Bending and Torque video to further understand the forces of bending and torsion.

Science Concepts: Bending and Torsion

As a bonus, check out this skateboard video from Science in the City